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International Events

At Agora Andorra International School, one of our fundamental goals is to prepare our students for an international future. Throughout the school year students get the unique opportunity to participate in a wide range of international events and activities, organised by the Globeducate group. This means that children attending Globeducate schools around the world, come together to share skills and experiences, and learn from, and about, one another, reinforcing the global focus of their education and appreciating and respecting other cultures.

These international events play a key role in helping our students to begin to understand and embrace the challenges and possibilities of life in the global community and to adopt an open and positive view of the world. Participating in international events also helps to lay the foundations for greater academic and professional mobility, provides an opportunity for students to practise and improve their language skills, and allows pupils to share unique experiences with children from other countries and cultures.

Globeducate International Events

  • Globeducate Model United Nations: United Nations simulations in which students become country delegates and debate global issues in English.
  • Globeducate Academic Olympics: science, math, computer and language olympics in which students from different schools make friends while competing in an international and multilingual environment.
  • Globeducate International Music Festival: for one week, students professionally demonstrate their passion for the world of music.
  • Globeducate Olympic Games: a sports competition in which students give their best in different sports disciplines (soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming or athletics, among others).
  • Globeducate Visual Arts Competition: an artistic competition in which students show all their creativity and artistic sensibility through their own creations.
  • Globeducate Leadership Summit: This summit brings together 17-18 year old students in a program packed with seminars, presentations and interactive activities on topics such as public speaking and communication skills, problem solving and a keynote speaker.
  • Iberia CUP: a basketball and soccer festival open to students between the ages of 12 and 14, held at one of our schools in Spain or Portugal. The event includes opportunities for students to mingle with students from other schools and socialize after the sports matches.

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