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Body Mind & Spirit

A dream programme that takes place in the northeast of the Principality of Andorra, in La Massana, with activities prepared by specialists and a group of psychologists who focus on providing tools to combat emotional fatigue, work on adapting to change, empathy, stress management, tolerance, resilience and concentration.

Born in 2021 and carried out at our facilities and the Agora Expedition Centre, it puts students at the centre so that they can spend quality time in a natural environment and in the open air, all in a safe place, surrounded by nature and tranquillity with messages and content designed for their age group.

To find out more about this activity, which has already been carried out by several groups from our Agora Sant Cugat and Agora Barcelona International School centres, you can watch the following video

An incredible experience. I have become aware of the present. It taught us to take care of ourselves in the natural environment, to use the tools that nature gives us and not to go along the path just looking at trees and earth. Something spectacular.

Manel (after carrying out the survival workshop)

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