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Psycho Pedagogical department

We employ highly qualified educational psychologists with extensive training and experience in the fields of child and adolescent psychology.They work with children who require varying degrees of support or guidance in areas such as specific educational needs, behavioural and emotional issues, gifted and talented children and so on, and offer a wide range of practical solutions. We want to ensure that all our students are able to explore and enjoy their strengths and are given the necessary support to overcome any difficulties that they may be experiencing. The Guidance Department works with students, parents and teachers to ensure that each child has access to the support that they need and that help is provided in a structured and coordinated way.

Personalised attention for every student

The Educational Psychology Department’s main function is to ensure that every child is provided with the practical, academic and professional support and guidance that they need to progress. Children are carefully monitored so that individual support programmes can be put in place, enabling children to set appropriate and achievable goals and to learn at their own pace.

The Educational Psychology Department also provides support for new pupils and their families, facilitating smooth communication between tutors, parents and students and providing guidance and support for new pupils during the adjustment period. We want to be certain that our new pupils settle into their new school as easily and happily as possible so that we can ensure a positive and productive future for them.

Diversity and Evaluation

The needs and requirements of our students vary widely and at Agora Andorra International School we have developed a monitoring process which allows us to identify and respond to any difficulties that students may encounter during their time at school. The Educational Psychology department provides support for children experiencing academic, emotional or social issues including: learning difficulties in areas such as reading, writing and maths; emotional difficulties, perhaps connected with relationships with friends and classmates; behavioural and attention deficit disorders; problems arising from difficult family circumstances, and so on.

The department also provides assistance to gifted and talented children who may require specific help and support. Our educational psychologists work closely with external specialists where appropriate, and can arrange full diagnostic evaluations where necessary.

Support for Families and Teachers

The Educational Psychology Department works in collaboration with tutors, teachers, families and external professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists and support teachers, to provide the appropriate care for each child’s specific needs. The department encourages parents and family members to talk with them about any problems that may arise and also organises a series of open discussions and parent workshops to help families address various aspects of the educational and development processes. The department is also in charge of ensuring that communication between all the parties involved is managed efficiently and that the support and guidance provided is maintained for as long as is necessary.

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