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Extracurricular Activities

An extensive extracurricular programme to develop the additional skills and abilities that contribute to their all-round education.

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Extracurricular activities support students’ physical, social and intellectual development and provide a wealth of benefits which complement the education that they receive in the mainstream curriculum. Extracurricular activities help children learn to work in teams, develop greater levels of skill in their chosen activities, manage their energy levels, control their emotions, and acquire skills such as commitment, independence and a sense of responsibility.


Participation in sporting and physical activities promotes a sense of teamwork, self-improvement, commitment and responsibility, which form part of the all-round development of our pupils. Agora Andorra International School has excellent sports facilities where students get a chance to improve their physical and mental skills, relax and have fun engaging in one of the many activities on offer, including; swimming, tennis, Yoga & Mindfulness, Baby Gym and Rhythmic.

Music and Dance

Music, Dance and theatre form an important part of our extracurricular programme, starting in Early Years, where children can take extra classes in activities such as Classical Ballet, violín, urban dance and drama.



Language School

Language School provides extra English classes for secondary students to help them to improve their confidence and fluency and to prepare them for the official Cambridge English qualifications: First Certificate English (F.C.E.) or Cambridge Advanced English (C.A.E.).



Creative Arts

Our Creative Arts courses offer a wide range of creative and artistic opportunities including; Art Therapy and Artistic Techniques, Think in Science and Artesanitos. Pupils at the Early Years stage can develop their creative skills in a fun, relaxed and playful environment and are encouraged to discover and explore new things. Creative activities help children to delve into their vivid imaginations, to be inventive and to learn how to express themselves in new and different ways.


Robotics is a valuable learning tool which encourages children to develop and explore their capacity for logical, strategic and scientific thought. The use of robotics and its associated technology motivates students to learn in a practical way and to develop their technical and problem-solving skills. Robotics gives students the opportunity to use skills acquired in other subjects, such as maths, physics, computer science and electronics, to help them to find creative solutions to the problems they encounter and to draw on this knowledge to achieve a common goal.

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