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Dr. Jane Goodall's memorable visit to Agora Andorra International School

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Dr. Jane Goodall's memorable visit to Agora Andorra International School

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. Dra. Jane Goodall

These powerful words set the tone for an historic visit to Agora Andorra International School by  Dr. Jane Goodall, the distinguished primatologist, and environmentalist, and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute. Dr. Goodall visited the school to inaugurate the school´s project with the Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots programme, which will form a crucial part of the school´s planned Mountain Lab classroom. 

The occasion aligns seamlessly with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile, as it reflects the students' commitment to being principled, caring, and open-minded agents of change. Dr. Jane Goodall's engagement highlights their communicative skills and willingness to listen, fostering a community where learners are empowered and inspired by a shared vision for positive environmental impact. Prior to her visit, students immersed themselves in extensive research, reflections, and collaborative work, all aligned with the IB methodology. 

Photo: Ruben Garcia

Dr. Goodall's arrival was met with a palpable excitement that had been building within the school community. She was welcomed with a vibrant display of Andorra flags as she embarked on a special route leading to Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Mountain Lab. Along the way, students showcased their paintings inspired by her, each of which she signed. Students are now auctioning their artwork to raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute

Photo: Ruben Garcia

Roman Agullo Marti, student at Agora Andorra International School said: “Meeting Jane Goodall was very exciting! I was surprised that after playing 'Heal the World', my teacher invited me and my parents to talk to Dr. Jane Goodall. She told me the story of Michael Jackson when he did the song and she asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and congratulated me on the performance. It will be a conversation that I will never forget – it made me so happy”.  

The event drew a crowd of more than 850 people, eager to welcome Dr. Goodall. The students engaged with her during the visit, and she delivered an inspirational talk in the school's indoor sports hall. Agora Andorra International School extended its hospitality to around 400 students from other schools of the country, fostering a collaborative spirit in the pursuit of environmental consciousness. 

Photo: Ricardo Bacchini

Head of School, Clara Pintat, shared her pride and appreciation, stating, “We want to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Jane Goodall for taking her precious time to visit us. It is a truly indescribable and moving experience to have such an eminent figure at Agora Andorra International School. It was extremely exciting for the students and teachers to have her inaugurate our Roots & Shoots programme and the launch of our Mountain Lab project – this will be a space that represents our commitment to environmental education and conservation. We look forward to working as a community to bring this project to life. This kind of event reinforces both our sense of belonging and our commitment to making a difference in the world”. 

Dr. Goodall's visit sparked enthusiasm among the students, giving them confidence in their achievements so far in the school´s Eco-School programme, and inspiring them to continue to play an active role in caring for the environment. As the school remains dedicated to providing a dynamic space for learning and collaboration, it draws inspiration from her timeless message of environmental responsibility. 

Photo: Ruben Garcia

Monica Fontán, Director of Education at Globeducate highlighted: “It was an honour to be invited to this inspiring occasion and to see the impact that our Globeducate Eco-Schools initiative has had on these students. Not only are they already hugely successful agents of change through their work with teacher Anna Sapares, but they are so committed, they managed to impress one of the world´s most iconic names in conservation, Dr Jane Goodall. For our students, Dr. Jane´s words gave a sense of belief in their work, their mission – almost a seal of approval that they have been doing the right thing and that they will make an impact on the future and shape the world. To see how the Eco-Schools programme has taken shape and become a key part of daily life at this school is not only rewarding but it should inspire other schools in Globeducate to see what is possible when a community works together with a shared vision”.  

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