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Sport, Health & Fitness

Sport plays a key part in an all-round education. Aside from the obvious benefits for personal health and fitness, there is an intrinsic ethical dimension to sporting activity.

Through sport, students develop values ​​such as respect, tolerance, cooperation, discipline, perseverance and teamwork. Our sports staff are highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to helping every student to achieve their physical potential and personal goals and teaching them to work successfully as part of a team. For pupils at Agora Andorra International School, sport forms an essential part of the curriculum: we try to encourage a passion for active and healthy habits, establishing patterns of behaviour that will help our students to grow into physically and emotionally balanced adults.

Healthy education

Agora Andorra International School has excellent sports facilities, which include a covered sports centre, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor sports courts and an excellent ski programme with ski slopes practically adjacent to the school site. Swimming forms an important part of the Early Years and Primary curriculum and pupils can also participate in baby gymnastics, soccer, tennis, kung-fu, skiing or chess. Skiing lessons are taught in English by qualified instructors and the school offers a High-performance Sport Programme with unique opportunities for the preparation of elite athletes: we will make sure that their personal, academic and sporting needs are carefully considered.

As well as taking part in sports within the mainstream curriculum, students at Agora Andorra International School are also invited to participate in a range of international sporting events organised by the Globeducate group. These events celebrate sporting excellence and healthy competition and provide an opportunity for our international community to gather together. The Globeducate Olympic Games is an international Olympic-style event that brings together over 500 athletes from Globeducate’s schools around the world. In addition to promoting an active lifestyle, our students also participate in a comprehensive health project, focussing on good nutrition and healthy eating.


At Agora Andorra International School we are aware of how important it is to offer a healthy, sustainable menu which meets all our pupils' daily needs. Working with nutritionists and carried out by our chef and his team in the school kitchen, the aim we want to achieve is to promote healthy eating habits as part of their education.

High-performance Sport

The Principality of Andorra offers excellent benefits to athletes to help them to improve their athletic performance. Our facilities are located at an altitude of 1,250 metres above sea level and 10 minutes from the ski slopes, and we can therefore offer unique opportunities for the preparation of elite athletes. At Agora Andorra International School, we offer various study-sports programmes that are tailored to the specific needs of each student, ensuring that their training programmes coincide appropriately with their academic studies. We will make sure that their personal and sporting needs are carefully considered including: academic preparation, sports-specific and general training, nutrition and rest.


Football inspires passion, requiring players to be responsible, disciplined, clear-thinking and focussed on success. Agora Andorra, in collaboration with the Andorran Football Federation and supported by UEFA, has established an educational programme that coordinates the training needs of talented young footballers with their academic requirements. This ensures that promising footballers get the opportunities and support that they need to fulfil their sporting potential, whilst enabling them to maintain excellent academic standards.

Ski School

The school’s location in the heart of the Pyrenees means that we can offer a truly unique opportunity for children to acquire and develop their skiing and snowboarding skills. During the winter season, pupils who wish to participate in our ski school programme, spend one day a week on the slopes of the Vallnord ski station. Children are divided into small groups based on their level of skill and are taught by qualified instructors.




The high performance tennis project is a tennis technification programme for pupils aged between 12 and 16in which students practice every day of the week  and, once they have finished training, they return to their classes with heir classmates. In the afternoons they have academic support, with teachers on hand.





In addition to the importance of learning to swim from a safety point of view, swimming also provides an excellent means of maintaining overall fitness, promoting strength, endurance and flexibility. Swimming can also offer significant emotional and cognitive benefits, improving mood, memory and the motivation to learn. Our indoor swimming pool allows us to include swimming as part of the curriculum throughout Early Years and Primary, and extracurricular sessions are available for those who want to develop their skills further or improve their competitive performance

Mental Health and Educational Psychology Department

The Guidance and Educational Psychology Department at Agora Andorra International School has the aim of guiding and advising parents, pupils and teachers. A differential service dedicated to dealing individually with the educational needs of the pupils and attending to the diversity of the pupils, collaborating with the families to achieve educational excellence for each and every one of our students.

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