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Secondary Education

Throughout Secondary School we aim to equip our students with the critical, analytical and rational skills that will enable them to participate actively and successfully in today’s world. We focus on improving oral and written communication skills in all subjects including Spanish, English, French and Catalan.

Our teaching methods are designed to inspire excellent academic performance and promote self-discipline, tenacity and perseverance. We encourage our students to set appropriate academic and personal goals and to become mature, responsible, hard-working and self-disciplined young people. We believe in innovative and collaborative teaching strategies. Our students are encouraged to achieve their full academic and social potential and to become competent and ethical individuals, able to take their place in society and make a difference.

Trilingualism is one of the basic aspects of the project at this stage. Each subject is assigned a vehicular language (English, Spanish or Catalan) and pupils study a second foreign language (French). In addition to languages, the overall preparation of pupils at Agora Andorra International School involves taking part in programmes and experiences which promote cultural exchange, and the subjects work in a cross-cutting way, putting Spanish, English, French and Catalan into practice.

Secondary School Curriculum

The main characteristics of our Secondary curriculum are:

  • A trilingual education: we deliver our curriculum in Spanish, English and French. Our students also study Catalan, Andorra’s official language.
  • The development of multiple intelligences.
  • Collaborative learning among peers.
  • Independent learning.
  • Personalised programmes to ensure that each student makes excellent progress.
  • Official University of Cambridge and Alliance Française language certification.
  • As students progress through Secondary, they receive professional support and guidance regarding their options for Sixth Form, University and their future careers.

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