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Early Years

Early Years Education is the stage during which children begin to develop on an emotional, affective, physical, social and cognitive level. 

Each child’s progress is individually monitored and children work at their own pace in a caring, supportive and stimulating learning environment.

At this stage, children learn mainly through play; building relationships and experimenting with lots of practical activities. Children are encouraged to develop their motor skills (the relationship between cognitive function and physical movement), and English, Music and Swimming are an important part of the curriculum at this level.

Developing fluency in English is one of the fundamental goals of our educational programme, and during the Early Years stage, pupils lay the basic foundations of language learning. Through play, music, art, and many other activities, pupils listen, speak and learn in English, and start to develop positive attitudes towards other languages ​​and cultures. Learning different languages at a young age encourages children to grow as individuals and we feel privileged to be in a position to help our youngest students take their first steps on what we hope will be a lifelong learning journey. French and Spanish are also taught at the Early Years stage.

We believe that an open and positive home-school relationship forms an integral part of our pupils’ progress and well-being, and from Early Years onwards we work closely with parents and families to ensure that pupils move steadily forwards on their journey through the school. Children progress happily in a family environment, supported by a great team of professionals who are dedicated to helping your child cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

At Agora Andorra International School, you can be sure that your child will always look forward to Monday morning!

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