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A letter from the Head

Dear Parents,

"Our mission at Agora Andorra is to prepare each of our students to be global citizens who can shape the world. It is a challenging but worthwhile task, one of the greatest jobs. It involves investing our time in a truly exciting mission, a complex and responsible job where we are committed to mould the behaviour of those who will have the mission of improving our society. 

As teaching professionals, we must adapt to this new world in constant change, provide our students not only with aptitudes and skills, but also with an optimal learning environment. Thus, creativity, computational thinking, social intelligence, among others, are proven to be basic characteristics to face the new challenges awaiting us. These skills must be cultivated through shared experiences and I cannot imagine no better way to experience them than in company of others, from different cultures and languages, which is our school foundation and the path to a complete rounded education.  

Concepts such as "international character", "multilinguism", "education in values", "sports and health" gain all their meaning at Agora Andorra. We want parents who choose us to know that for us these concepts are the true pillars that define the forthcoming education.  

We are proud to be part of Globeducate and more particularly of the Agora cluster. Together we are stronger and better in achieving the desired mission. We care about offering our students the conditions that will allow them to develop as human beings, to be knowledgeable, critical thinkers, compassionate, and balanced in order to live a fulfilled life and contribute with their full potential to the community that welcomes them. We work in the present with an eye to the future, a prosperous future full of opportunities that we want to empower the new citizens of the world that are occupying our classrooms today."

Clara Pintat
Head of Agora Andorra International School

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