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About us

Agora Andorra International School is part of the Agora International School family, a group of 7 private and international schools which belong to the prestigious Globeducate group and which has achieved educational excellence throughout its 50 years of experience with schools in Spain (Cataluña, the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Andalucía and the Valencian Community) and Andorra.Agora Andorra International School offers a complete educational programme from Early Years to Pre-university. We provide our students with an integrated, multilingual and all-round education designed to identify their skills, strengths and abilities and to enable them to develop within a positive and stimulating educational framework. Our teachers deliver an innovative and structured curriculum, in a happy and supportive learning environment, and we are proud to be considered by many as the best school in Andorra.Agora Andorra International School is part of the prestigious private schools’ group, Globeducate. The group has more than 55 schools around the world with a working philosophy focused on: delivering educational excellence, developing our students' skills and competencies, building character and thinking about what is important to them, challenging ignorance and intolerance through global perspectives. 

Agora Andorra International School has more than 7,000 m2 of facilities, large, bright spaces designed to cover all pupils' needs for an all-round education at each of the educational stages.

Agora Andorra International School campus

Agora Andorra International School is located in privileged natural surroundings in the village of L'Aldosa, in the parish of La Massana, at an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level and just 10 minutes from Andorra’s excellent ski slopes. It has more than 7,000 m2 of facilities where the different academic spaces and social and recreational areas are located: classrooms, dining room, swimming pool, dance studio, sports centre and large outdoor areas. The international boarding house, which allows students from all over the world to study in Andorra, is a three-storey building with capacity for 50 students. The rooms are shared and it has two leisure areas, a dining room-study and all the services necessary to make our residential students’ lives happy and comfortable.

Families, Pupils, Teachers and Alumni


The relationship between teacher and pupil is an inspiring and motivating link towards learning, in order to reinforce and promote the best in each child through a close, individualised relationship. At Agora Andorra International School, individualised attention is a key factor in achieving the development of the abilities and aptitudes of all our students.

At Agora Andorra International School, we believe that the family is a fundamental pillar in the pupils' learning process. We believe that a constant, joint, triangular relationship between the school, pupils and families is essential to make our pupils into well-rounded people who can, as our motto says, change the world and, of course, achieve their goals.

The family-school relationship is essential to make it possible to work together. We focus on educating in the academic field, on developing people to be part of the world and always without forgetting the values we want to transmit. We try to ensure that pupils assume their tasks and have freedom, being aware of the consequences of their actions, that they are capable of analysing what is happening around them and that they learn to have self-control and self-discipline. 

In short, we believe that school and family have a common priority: the pupil's full development. The pupils at Agora Andorra International School are our core and our main priority on a daily basis. We ensure quality education at an academic level, so that pupils have meaningful learning and, little by little, achieve their professional goals, and grow and develop as individuals, with skills adapted to today's global and dynamic environment.


Students grow up in an environment where internationality and multilingualism are emphasised, allowing them to learn different languages and values and to open their minds in a tolerant and respectful way. The curriculum is supported by sporting activities, music and art so that pupils develop added value for their present and future.

In addition, creative thinking is developed from an early age and throughout all stages of education. They learn to think independently with the help of the new technologies that are so present in the information and knowledge society in which we live.


We have a selected teaching staff who are responsible for transmitting their enthusiasm and passion. Each student is an individual and unique being, which is why we offer personalised attention with support programmes that promote motivation, stimulation and self-improvement. We make each pupil the protagonist in this complex process of development.

English is the school's flagship language and for this reason most subjects are taught in English. Teachers teach entirely in English and ensure that pupils also communicate with each other in English. In order to provide the best possible language teaching, we employ teachers who are native English speakers or bilingual, or who have spent long periods of time in English-speaking countries.


The former pupils of Agora Andorra International School are a clear example of the results obtained after years of work, effort and dedication. We are proud to see that the comprehensive preparation has successfully guided them towards their professional and academic future and, above all, that they have grown as people with values such as respect, hard-work and camaraderie.

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